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Do the first import with us and you will always repeat it

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We have a professional team to speed up the import process

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We do the whole job in very simple and smooth ways

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Our Services

Due to the current financial and economic developments in the world and the expansion of international trade through import and export operations, many customers and businesses wishing to import do not know where to start and what to do.
Therefore, the company is working to provide all its services in the import for the third party because it has a team of experienced and efficient

Genral Trading

Multiplication of trade offers many successful investment opportunities We assist you in any consultation or contribution to any business process


We can export any kind of legal goods and the easiest way to order will take you to the nearest port or shipping center for you


We carry out all import and export operations with the necessary measures in legal and accurate ways

Our goods

Some goods we have imported and exported

Container 40 feet

Thirty days "full term"
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from Turkey To Germany

Container 20 feet

Fourty day "full term"
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Turkish clothes

From Turkey to KSA

Container 20 feet

Twenty day "full term"
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Electronic Devices

From China to Turkey

About us

We offer all import and export services to all parts of the world as soon as possible and at the lowest possible cost

We also provide consultancy and customs services and encourage investment in all economic sectors in order to support its continuity to avoid making mistakes and legal violations.
We qualify the client to obtain the exact legal information he needs before embarking on the import and export process

    We do our best to become the leading company in this field and always strive to make it an entity with the ability to promote customers to be the best in their business

    Is to help our clients to develop their business and achieve their ambitions and keep them from making any mistake in applying laws and regulations to ensure the continuity of their business.