Surrounded by magic, beauty, mystery and rocks of strange and strange shapes and hotels in Cappadocia are caves for overnight

The area of Goreme or Goreme is also known as the Cappadocia Valley in the center of Turkey. It is a favorite place for tourists and is surrounded by magic, beauty and mystery. Tourism is different from Istanbul and Antalya. There are no luxury hotels and beautiful beaches. Goreme is so diverse that some of them are exciting caves providing a great experience for overnight stays,

The National Park in Goreme is one of the most important tourist areas in this area. A trip to the nature reserve can be made at a cost of 20 lira and a tour for several hours. Camping can also be spent in the wondrous valleys. The tour includes exploring Wadi El Hob, Wadi El Hammam, Wadi El Ward, Local residents believe that they are the homes of the jinn and the sparrows.

The park, in its shapes and rocky sculptures, makes it ideal for taking rare photographs, and 8 km from the city of Goreme is the open museum, which houses a number of rock-cut houses and churches, where Christians used to practice their worship away from oppression and oppression. The so-called "Dark Church", which includes carvings and wall paintings, is very impressive, and the dim light penetrates it for more tranquility and tranquility, and do not forget after this round of wonders to take a trip on the balloon to see the Cappadocia Valley and the National Park landmarks. A few minutes before sunrise and each group about 13 people at a cost of 130 euros, it is an opportunity to observe the sunrise or sunset if Vataatkm flight morning, equipped Kamaratkm to pick up the coolest scenes where embrace rock and desert with the golden color of the sun in a celestial journey.