One of the most important and largest cities in the country, and features its landmarks, hotels and markets and its charming view of the sea

Izmir is located on the west coast of Turkey, one of the most important and largest cities in the country. It is characterized by its features, hotels and busy living markets. The Corniche area is the largest center for family gatherings for hiking and recreation. The Corniche is 4 km away and is surrounded by restaurants, cafes and hotels. The charming view of the sea, featuring a special road for bicycles and pedestrians, is ideal in the pleasant summer evenings. The city's sanque district is famous for its luxury hotels and distinctive markets, especially the shops for brides and weddings. The old bazaar, S "Kimeralta" which includes dozens of shops selling jewelry and accessories and vegetable markets, fish, spices and handicrafts, and dotted with dozens of restaurants that spread of the smell of delicious Turkish kebab

Located close to the bazaar, the 16th-century Hessar Mosque, Izmir's largest mosque, represents a break from the bustle of markets, the hustle of the city and the heat of the summer, while the Asansor district is famous for its historic 1907 elevator, Towards the top of the neighborhood, and spread on top of a group of cafes with panoramic views on the Corniche and the sea

There are also many excellent Izmir hotels located. Another interesting experience for families is to visit the Wild Life Zoo, which includes dozens of species of animals, as well as restaurants, gardens and children's playgrounds at a cost of 3 lira