It has the most beautiful natural port in Turkey and the marina is the most beautiful part of the city and in the evening you enjoy the views of the dancing fountains

Marmaris is about two hours away from the city of Fethiye in the west. It is possible to stay in a luxurious Marmaris hotel or visit it while staying at a Fethiye hotel. Marmaris is described as having the most beautiful natural port in Turkey, surrounded by pine forests and evergreen trees, The marina or marina is the most beautiful part of the city, with luxurious yachts anchored along its coastline. It houses dozens of elegant restaurants, cafes, luxury hotels, playgrounds and gardens for children and can be boarded with boats that take passengers to the other beaches of Marmaris,

The Dalian River is the most famous natural landmark in Marmaris, where a guided tour can take place on a boat sailing in the turquoise river delta with cane plants to the turtle beach where the Creta Creta turtles lay their eggs on the warm sandy beach and through the tombs Rocky or "tombs of the kings" that can be seen clearly from the river where it forms on the mountains surrounding the delta.

Enjoy a hot mud bath in one of the sulfur baths at the end of the river. Marmaris has its most beautiful beaches, the most famous of which is Icmeler Beach, which becomes crowded in the summer months. It is about 7 km from Marmaris and is characterized by its dark culture and the long paved walkway surrounded by restaurants, cafes and hotels. The evening of the music and the fountains of the dances in the large square in the center of the old city, turning into an amazing display of colorful fountains and colorful sculptures and precision and beauty, Marmaris magnificence and glamor